Family holiday in Sydney, 2004

Family holiday in Sydney, Australia – 2004

Like most Kiwis I have done a little bit of overseas travel. As a teenager, I made trips to the Gold Coast, Sydney and Fiji with my family, and as a Year 10 student I went to New Caledonia for a school French trip.


At Disneyland, Anaheim – 2007

Since finishing secondary school I have travelled a bit by myself. During the summer break between my second and third year of university, I travelled to Los Angeles on the Work USA program and did an internship with a film production and entertainment management company. This was a life changing experience.

The student budget didn’t allow for much travel post LA. But in the last few years I have tried to make up for it with trips across the ditch to Melbourne (2011, 2013), Sydney and Canberra (2012).


Central Park, New York City – November 2012

Also in 2012, I went to New York City in November to experience Thanksgiving and the all Christmas lights and decorations. It would have to be my favourite holiday to date. Last year I experienced another American public holiday (Memorial Day) when I went to San Francisco in May.

Marin Headlands, San Francisco, May 2013

Marin Headlands, San Francisco – May 2013

As much as I love international travel I think it’s important (and cheaper) to get out there and explore one’s own backyard. So I’m starting this blog to encourage myself to get out there and do more things on my days off. So join me as I begin my journey to see what this great country has to offer…

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