Waikato Museum & ArtsPost Galleries

Waikato Museum and ArtsPost Galleries & Shop are located next to each other on the south end of Victoria Street and can both be visited in a couple of hours.

The former Post Office now ArtsPost

The former Hamilton Post & Telegraph Office now ArtsPost

ArtsPost is located in the old Post and Telegraph Office. The building, which opened in 1901, was built in Imperial Baroque style. In 1916, the building was extended. In 1940 the Post Office was closed and relocated to Garden Place. Over the next 50 years the building was used for social welfare purposes, Maori Land Court, local Members of Parliament and a youth resource centre.

Hamilton City Council purchased the building in 1992 and set out to restore it to its original condition. In 1998 it opened as ArtsPost.


ArtsPost hosts three exhibition spaces – the Ida Carrey Gallery, the Margot Phillips Gallery and the Chartwell Gallery.

The galleries are updated on regular basis providing the City with fresh and vibrant art. Looking at the website all three galleries have been updated since I visited in early September.

Also upstairs (separate entrance on the far left side of the building) is the school and office for Waikato Society of Arts (WSA). They have a gallery space, which exhibits local members art work.

Waikato Museum courtyard looking towards ArtPost

Waikato Museum courtyard looking towards ArtPost

Waikato Museum opened in its current location in 1987. The building, which has five floors and 12 galleries, was designed by Ivan Mercep, who later designed Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum.

Both ArtsPost and Waikato Museum are free to visit. Although there may be some charges for special exhibitions and activities.

There is a car park behind the ArtsPost building (off Victoria Street) with 61 spaces. There is also car park buildings at Garden Place and Knox Street. On Grantham Street there is free limited 120 minute parking available.


Waikato Museum

1 Grantham Street (south end of Victoria St)

Open daily, 10am to 4.30pm

ArtsPost Galleries & Shop

120 Victoria Street

Open daily, 10am to 4.30pm

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