Westhaven Marina

Westhaven Marina in Auckland is the largest yacht marina in the Southern Hemisphere.


Last month the Westhaven Promenade opened.

This new path and boardwalk is up to 5 metres wide and runs along the edge of the marina providing stunning views of yachts against the city backdrop. The boardwalk is made from Spotted Gum hardwood imported from Australia.

Two sections of the boardwalk take visitors out over the water and include viewing platforms for photo opportunities.


The Westhaven Promenade will eventually be part of 20km cycleway that travels from the Harbour Bridge in the west to St Heliers in the east.

You can access the Promenade from the western end near the Harbour Bridge and Sitting Duck Café. From Wynyard Quarter, head down Beaumont Street and onto Westhaven Drive. The path starts just start pass Swashbucklers Restaurant.

After or before walking the promenade cross the marina carpark for views of the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Next I followed the path under the Harbour Bridge and followed Curran Street around the waterfront before returning along the Promenade back to the city.

Path under Harbour Bridge



Walking back along Westhaven Promenade

Walking back along Westhaven Promenade

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