Jacobs Ladder & Point Erin Park

Jacobs Ladder Bridge is a covered footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists that crosses over eight lanes of State Highway 1. It connects Westhaven Marina with Saint Marys Bay suburb and Point Erin Park.

Jacobs Ladder Footbridge

The footbridge officially opened in December 2012. It cost $7.9 million to construct. It is 102 metres long, 3.7 metres wide and stands 6 metres above the motorway. The exterior of the bridge is covered with gold coloured mesh, which is designed to evoke the idea of traditional Maori fishing nets.

Jacobs Ladder was originally built in the 1800s to provide access from St Mary’s Bay cliffs to the foreshore. The steps originally came down to the motorway level. The stairs now only come to the bridge level and ramps provide pedestrian access down.

Jacobs Ladder Footbridge

When I visited the bridge it was midday and was popular with office workers on a lunchtime run.

After crossing the bridge I turned right and followed the ramp down and walked along the path next to motorway to the entrance to Point Erin Park. If you turn left the ramp will come out across the road from Victoria Park.

The large panels reduce much of the traffic noise so it was quieter than I was expecting.

Ramp down from Jacob’s Ladder Footbridge

Walking next to the motorway

Walking next to the motorway

Steps up to Point Erin Park

Steps up to Point Erin Park

Point Erin Park covers approximately 4 hectares. The park includes a children’s playground, picnic tables, and an off leash dog exercise area.

Also in the park is Pt Erin Pool, which includes hydroslides, a spa pool, toddlers pool, a 33-metre competition pool, dive pool and basketball court. There is also a cafe and shop onsite. Check their website for opening hours and prices.

There is vehicle access to Point Erin Park and Pt Erin Pool from Shelly Beach Road.

Point Erin Park

Point Erin Park

Point Erin Park

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