Christchurch Tram

Christchurch Tram is a heritage tram route catering to tourists that loops around some of the key attractions in Christchurch central city.

Christchurch Tram

Christchurch Tram

The heritage tramway route opened in February 1995 to cater to the tourist market. The 2011 Christchurch earthquake damaged the tram circuit and the tramway reopened in November 2013 on a limited route. A new extended route opened in February this year that includes Oxford Terrace, Cashel Street, and High Street to Cathedral Square.

The tram starts at Cathedral Junction and travels through Cathedral Square, High Street and past the Re:START Mall. The tram then rejoins the loop and passes Christchurch Botanic Gardens, Canterbury Museum, Hagley Park and Victoria Square. The tram travels through New Regent Street and back to Cathedral Junction. There are currently 17 stops.

Christchurch Tram Route Map

Christchurch Tram Route Map

Trams run approximately every 15 – 20 minutes. From September to March tram hours are 9am to 6pm and 10am to 5pm, April to August. Adults can purchase a pass for $20 that allows unlimited travel for that date. Children (under 15) travel for free.

The tram drivers provide informative onboard commentary. I had three drivers on the day I traveled and they each had their own style and perspective on the city.

Riding Christchurch Tram

Riding Christchurch Tram

Christchurch Tram is run by Welcome Aboard and they offer combo tickets and passes for that include other attractions, such as Christchurch Gondola, punting on the Avon River, tours of Christchurch Botanic Gardens. See their website for more details.

There is also the Tramway Restaurant, an evening four course dinner sightseeing tour of Christchurch. The tram departs Cathedral Junction at 7 pm. Reservations are essential. I haven’t experienced the Tramway Restaurant so if you have let me know what you thought in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Christchurch Tram

  1. We rode this tram in 2002 with our sons. Did not get back on in 2014, when we were there. The dinner time tram interests us, as we took the dinner tram tour in Melbourne Australia and it was a hoot. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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