Akaroa Lighthouse

The Akaroa Lighthouse is a historic Akaroa landmark.

Akaroa Lighthouse

Akaroa Lighthouse

The six-sided wooden lighthouse was originally located on the Akaroa heads at the entrance to Akaroa Harbour. The lighthouse was built in 1878-9. The tower was 28 feet (8.5 metres) high. The light itself was 270 feet above sea level. The light, which first shone in January 1880 was visible 37 kilometres (23 miles) out to sea.

The lighthouse was replaced by an automatic light in 1977. A volunteer community group formed the Akaroa Lighthouse Preservation Society and brought the lighthouse for $1. It was cut into three pieces and reassembled at Cemetery Point (now known as Lighthouse Point) on the 4th October 1980.

It is open to visitors on Sundays weather pending from 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm or by prior arrangement.



Views from Akaroa Lighthouse

Views from Akaroa Lighthouse

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