Karaka Lakes Christmas Lights

At Christmas the residents of Karaka Lakes go all out decorating their homes with lights.

Light Up Karaka Lakes

Light Up Karaka Lakes

Light up Karaka Lakes has been running since 2010.

There has been a little bit of controversy between the council and the neighbourhood group this year with the council charging $5500 for a traffic management plan on top of the $8000 charged for resource consent to host the event.



The highlight is a light and music show – think flashing lights synchronised to Christmas carols and Frozen. The light shows starts at 9pm, weather permitting, and will run until 24th December. The light show is at 20 Cornwall Place (on the corner of Cornwall Place and Lake Drive).

Santa also offers free rides on his sleigh, weather permitting, from 8pm.



3 thoughts on “Karaka Lakes Christmas Lights

  1. Hi Graeme
    Just to clarify your comments re the Karaka Lakes Christmas Lights Event. The Council have not put in place a resource consent and traffic management plan for Karaka Lakes. The resource consent and management plan are in place for the synchronised light and sound show run by 20 Cornwall Place. This was done as they illegally blocked roads and redirected traffic for two years for 24 nights to facilitate a viewing arena for their show. Its fine for visitors but think of the neighbours who do not enjoy this but are expected to suffer through it.

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