Hunua Falls

Hunua Falls is part of the Hunua Ranges Regional Park.


To get to Hunua Falls before Hunua Village, turn left into White Road and then left into Falls Road and then follow this road. During the summer (daylight savings) the gates are open 6am to 9pm; winter 6am to 7pm.

It is a short walk to the 30 metre waterfall, which is part of the Wairoa River. There is a large beautiful photo frame, which looks out to the waterfall, providing a photo opportunity.

There are two short walks. The Hunua Falls Upper Lookout Walk, is a 30 minute return walk through bush to a lookout platform. The Hunua Falls Lower Lookout Walk is a 15 minute return walk that takes visitors to the opposite side of the waterfall pool.

Both walks are accessible by crossing a footbridge over the river and turning to the right. It is also possible to view the waterfall from the footbridge.






There is a large car park, toilet facilities and picnic tables in the clearing before the large photo frame.

While swimming in the river is possible, swimming in the pool below the waterfall is not recommended as the pool is up to 19 metres deep. Tragically there have been 9 drownings since 1980, so please take caution.

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