Three Sisters – Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters is a rock formation of three sandstone peaks in the Blue Mountains National Park.


Three Sisters

The three rock formations, which are located at Echo Point, Katoomba, are over 900 metres high. The highest is 922 metres, the other two are 918 and 906 metres.

The rocks were formed and shaped by wind and rain eroding the soft sandstone rock.


Three Sisters

There is a Aboriginal legend attached to the rock formation. Legend has it that there were three beautiful sisters Gunnedoo, Meehni and Wimlah. The sisters had fallen in love with three brothers from another tribe. Tribal law forbid them to marry, so the brothers planned to capture the sisters and make them their brides. This caused a major battle between the tribes. To protect them a tribal elder turned the sisters to stone. His plan was to turn them back to life after the battle but he was killed and no one had the power to turn them back so they remained as stone.

This story has been disputed by Dr. Martin Thomas in his book The Artificial Horizon: Imagining the Blue Mountains (2003), who states that the legend was created by a non-aboriginal local to drum up interest in the rock formation.

Either way it is still an interesting story.

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