National Library of India

The National Library of India in Kolkata is the largest library in India and is the nation’s library of public record.


The National Library of India, which is located within the 30-acre (12 hectare) Belvedere Estate opened on 1 February 1953.

Prior to this it was known as the Imperial Library, which formed in 1891. In 1903 the Imperial Library amalgamated with the Calcutta Public Library (formed 1836) and opened at Metcalfe Hall. After the independence the Imperial Library become the National Library of India and moved to the Belvedere Estate.

Belvedere House was the former palace for the Viceroy of India, and later the Governor of Bengal.

The library has a collection containing over 2.2 million books, over 86,000 maps, and over 3,200 manuscripts. Its shelf space stretches over 45 kilometres.

The National Library is located on Belvedere Road, Block A, Alipore, Kolkata.






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