Avatar Grove

Avatar Grove is a 50 hectare area of protected old forest growth in the Gordon River Valley, near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island.


The old forest growth and giant trees were discovered in 2009. The area had been designated for logging in 2010. The Ancient Forest Alliance was formed and with the Port Renfrew Chamber of Commerce they lobbied to have the area protected. This was granted in 2012.

The Ancient Forest Alliance has constructed a boardwalk around the grove to allow visitors to enjoy the area while protecting the environment.

The site has two areas – the upper and lower grove, which have giant cedars and Douglas Firs. The upper grove isĀ home to what is dubbed ‘Canada’s Gnarliest Tree‘ – a red cedar with a 3 metre wide burl.

Avatar Grove is approximately 20 minute drive from Port Renfrew. Check out the Ancient Forest Alliance website for driving directions.