Yoda Fountain, San Francisco

The Yoda Fountain is a quick tourist stop for Star Wars fans, located outside the Letterman Digital Arts Center in San Francisco’s Presidio National Park.


The Letterman Digital Arts Center is home to Lucasfilm, hence why one one of the Star Wars franchises’ most popular characters stands outside.

The 26″ life-sized Yoda bronze statue stands was installed in 2005. During weekday office hours you can find more Star Wars memorabilia in the lobby. I didn’t see any of this as I visited during the weekend.

If you are visiting the Palace of the Fine Arts the Yoda Fountain is about a 10 minute walk.

The Letterman Digital Arts Center is located at 1 Letterman Drive.


Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

The Palace of Fine Arts was constructed during the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition, a world’s fair held in San Francisco.


The Palace was designed by Bernard Maybeck in the style of Roman and Ancient Greek architecture. It is built around an artificial lagoon.

The structure was not built with durable materials as originally it was only intended to stand during the Exposition, which run from February 20th – December 4th, 1915.

Unlike many of the other buildings built for Exposition the Palace was saved. But due to its construction and vandalism it was in disrepair by the 1950s. In 1964 the structure was demolished and the Palace of Fine Arts was completely reconstructed.

Today it is a nice picnic spot or place to stroll. It is a very popular location for wedding photography.

The Palace of Fine Arts is located at 3301 Lyon Street.