Moss Landing Harbor, California

Moss Landing is a small community on the shore of Monterey Bay, California.


Moss Landing is 24 kilometres (15 miles) north-east of Monterey, so makes a perfect rest stop on trip from San Francisco to Monterey.

I stopped at Moss Landing Harbor Visitors Dock on the way to Monterey.

In 2007 a dock was installed, which has since been taken over by hundreds of sea lions. Similar to the sea lions, which famously overtook Pier 39 in San Francisco.





Sea Lions at San Francisco’s Pier 39

Pier 39 in San Francisco is home to a group of wild sea lions that have drawn tourists since 1990.


The sea lions started arriving at Pier 39 following the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. At that time boats were still docked at the pier. There was discussion about moving the sea lions, but it was decided that they could stay and boat owners were relocated. The docks were later replaced with floats that were able to withstand the sea lions weight.

The best time to see the sea lions is from late July to mid May, as during June to July many of the sea lions leave to breed. You can also view the Sea Lions via the Sea Lion Webcam.

The sea lions are located at K-Dock in Pier 39, which is on the edge of the Fisherman’s Wharf district.